Sunday, May 22, 2016

PokerNation And Fortuity Gaming Solutions Pvt Ltd Served Legal Notice For Copyright Violation Of Perry4Law

Copyright violation is a serious offence in India especially when it is combined with the offences punishable under the Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act 2000). The IT Act 2000 has prescribed cyber law due diligence (pdf) and internet intermediary obligations that all stakeholders are required to comply with. Online gaming and gambling websites are no exception to these compliances. Similarly rules apply to mobile gaming stakeholders of India. As on date we have no dedicated online gaming and online gambling laws of India but there are many laws whose legal compliances are mandatory for such online gaming and gambling businesses.

Perry4Law Law Firm is occasionally consulted for online gaming, online gambling, online card games, online games, online lotteries, etc related legal issues. We have extended our legal expertise to many national and international clients who have complied with our engagement terms. However, some unscrupulous individuals and companies have tried to steal our copyrighted terms and conditions, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc (legal documents) in the past. We have been ignoring these things in the past but from now onwards we have decided to take these copyright and cyber law violations seriously.

We have been sending legal notices and DMCA complaints to such individuals, companies and hosting service providers who are party to such copyright infringement and cyber law violations whether by design or unintentionally. The idea is to protect our copyrighted legal documents and to safeguard our own financial interests.

Now we have also decided to make a public database of such violators so that information in this regard can be collected at a single place. Our first post in this regard is regarding the website of Pokernation that is carrying our copyrighted legal documents without our approval and without complying with our engagement terms. The same has been done in association with Fortuity Gaming Solutions Pvt Ltd. We have served DMCA complaint and legal notices to PokerNation, Fortuity Gaming Solutions Pvt Ltd and their Directors/principal officers. We have also intimated them through our Twitter account at @ptlbindia. You can see these tweets at here1 and here2. Further legal actions, if required, would also be taken against the guilty person/company.

We would update our readers about this copyright violation episode by Pokernation and Fortuity from time to time. Any individual or company interested in seeking our legal assistance may contact us in this regard and establish a client attorney relationship.

Update 1: Till 23-05-2016 we have not received any response from PokerNation, Fortuity Gaming Solutions Pvt Ltd and their Directors/principal officers and the web hosting service provider Microsoft Corporation

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